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February 23, 2014

why is it so hard?

For men to grasp that sex does not need to have someone in the 'power' role. So many times I get asked if I am dominant or submissive. Why do we need to be either?  Why can sexuality not be fluid, malleable, a journey? Why the obsession with boxes to put everyone in? I get the same thing when men see my strap on, their automatic response is that I own it t dominate men, or to fuck women. Why can I not own this purely because I am kinky? Many when I mention that I am not inclined to  dominant, the idea is usually dropped. Is it scary to just enjoy kink? Do you need a label to allow yourself to be sexually liberated? Does your sexuality need justification????



  1. I want you, can I just want you? :)
    Ian x

  2. Not all men feel the need to pigeon hole people sexually, but I feel it does help to at least have some point of reference when first meeting someone. To know someone may be bisexual, gay, hetero or anywhere inbetween (or beyond) can frame the initial contact. Those thoughts may change the way someone approaches, talks, flirts with you etc. Same goes for sub & dom situations. Its a big fantasy of mine to be dominated by a woman with a strap on, but that's not to say I'm strictly submissive. Just that I can be submissive at times. Same goes for religion. I try not to box people based on religion, but I'm unlikely to delve my kinkiest fuckery to someone I know is a devout religious type. Ian above is right... people can want you regardless of your 'box', but sometimes boxes are a great place to start before we break down those cardboard walls and handcuff you to the bed while tightly bounding you in glad wrap! ;-)