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April 28, 2016

Work Dude

I have so been missing him of late! I haven't really been at work for the past month or so. I have been missing our banter and flirting. Last week I had to go into work to give in my med cert (and I also kinda wanted to see him). He helped me down the stairs coz it was only a couple of days after my operation and he had me hold on to him. Even that platonic touching was enough to excite me. I don't know if it was being so close to him or all the pain medication I was on but boy oh boy it was thrilling haha

Sadly I was too drugged to think quickly enough to cop a feel of his arse! Maybe I'll ask nicely for a feel when I get back to the office next week. With 2 weeks off recovering I've had plenty of time to day dream about his naked, sweaty body pressed against mine as I gush all over his rock hard cock....

April 27, 2016

Please Tell Me!!!!

I want to hear all about the last time you had sex. Was it amazing? Was it a let down? Was it with yourself? I want all the gritty details! Help a sexually deprived sister out!

Hello? Libido?

I have struggled the past few months as I've been so preoccupied with being in pain that my sex drive seems to have packed up and move out. I masturbated for the first time in week a couple of days ago and that was only because I couldn't get to sleep. I've been getting a bit sad because I really want to have sex because I know it's nice but I've still been saw and truthfully just haven't been feeling it.

Today however for the first time in such a long time I had a little spark of electricity with someone. A complete stranger who I passed coming out of a restaurant. I was standing in a group of people chatting when he walked toward us. I was thinking oh hello he's a bit cute and when he got closer he locked eyes with me and it was intense as fuck. He looked me up and down and got very close and said hello, ignoring everyone around me. It was incredibly weird, but my oh my he was so gorgeous. He just kept looking at me as he walked into the restaurant. Everyone in the group stopped and were like WTF WAS THAT!!!!! GO GET HIM!!!!!! Sadly I was working so wasn't all that possible but it seemed to have lit some fire inside me coz I haven't been able to stop thinking about him all afternoon.

I'm excited to know there is still desire buried deep inside me. Hopefully it's still there when I get back from my work trip so I can get some sexy time!!!!!


I'm back kinda.....

Ahoy Sexies!

I know it has been foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever! As many of you who follow me on twitter or know me in the real world would  know I have been really sick for the past few months and have needed to have surgery. I seem to be on the mend now which is exciting. I've also started uni which has pretty much left me with exactly 0.01 hours of free time each week which I like to spend asleep and not reading or writing reports!

I have been feeling a tad inspired the last week to write but have sadly not has a second to myself as I had to catch up on late assessments from after my surgery. I however find myself with a little well deserved down time tonight and may just write a couple of little pieces. I am also determined to find some time to blog regularly as I really miss writing. Who knows my sex drive may return and I'll have some good stories to share some time in the near future.


March 9, 2016

My brain

it is exploding!!!!!!!!!!

As you'd all know I began my postgrad studies to become a sexologist last week and to say I'm overwhelmed may be an understatement.

I am learning sooooo many new things and will hopefully pencil in some blogging time to ask some questions and get some opinions. For those of you waiting on pics and vids, they are coming I promise!

The main thing I have learnt since beginning is the vast number of reasons people have chosen to study this subject. I went in assuming most people were like me and lived, ate and breathed sex. I am fast learning this is not the case and there is such an array of different people I am going to meet. People who view sex very very differently to me and who have much more rigid views than I. I wonder how I will deal with this, given that my mind is very much open when it comes to sexuality and I do somewhat struggle to understand why you'd take this course if you did not share this trait. I guess only time will tell. If you follow me on Twitter or know me in the world of the living. Prepare yourself people I'm about to get a whole lot more in yo face about everything sexy.


March 8, 2016


I always struggle with people who are happy to just be in a relationship with just anyone. I am someone who takes a long time to warm up but once I do, I love fiercely. I cannot fathom meeting someone and thinking yeah sure why not? If I am to invest my time and energy in loving somebody I want them to light a fire within me. To love and be loved in an honour and when I see people who throw their feeling around like confetti I find myself cringing inside. When I love you, you should feel special because I am careful about who gets a piece of my heart.

Recently I met a dude off tinder. Everything was going pretty ok but it was clear we wanted very different things. Within a couple of weeks it was clear he wanted to jump all in, which is fine but I had just started Uni and that's not how I roll. We discussed what we wanted etc and we fundamentally wanted different things from a relationship, he was touchy feeling (which I tolerated), I am not. He wanted to spend a lot of time together, I did not. He wanted me to be monogamous, and deal break I did not. This was fine, we'd been talking about things etc being all grown up and shit. Then boom! He's off dating and fucking other people within a couple of days. While I told him I didn't care if I saw other people because we weren't together and I meant this, it kind shows me that he didn't actually feel anything for me and is just willing to be in a relationship with anyone who is around. I am not someone who invests my time in just anyone and I must say it stung a little to be shown just how little me as a person meant. It was like oh look something new and shiny with a vagina to show me attention ciao Jess!

Lip service, it pisses me off. I guess that's what I'm getting at. I deserve to be loved with intense passion, uncontrollably. I don't want mediocre love from someone willing to give it to anyone and everyone.


I look forward to the day

that someone loves me because of the person I am sexually and not in spite of it. To have someone who fully embraces me and everything that I am. Who encourages me to explore and learn, who doesn't just grin and bare it hoping that one day it all goes away and I will become 'normal'.