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October 26, 2014

i have an oral fixation of late



Please Take Note

I need to let you all know that the way to get into most women's pants is not by asking them solely sexual questions and asking to see their cunt/flashing your cock. Men and women are wired differently which is something  I think most men just do not take the time to take into consideration. I get that you love seeing some tits and that that is enough for you to wanna bang someone but for women we need to be seduced mentally. As a woman who loves porn, and the human form in general it is still not enough for me to wanna just throw my clothes off and go to pound town. There are the odd occasions that are the exception to the rule but in general I want to have SOME idea who I am fucking. I frequent adult match maker and on a daily basis I am disappointed in the opposite sex and that is amplified beyond belief when I get in the webcam chat room. I see your cock, I am enjoying it. Do not pressure me to get my tits out to 'return the favour'. Do not assume that because I show interest I want you knocking on my door this second so I can suck your cock, and DO NOT assume that because I am on this site that I want to fuck you and whatever piece of ass is coming by your place later.

Boys MAKE CONVERSATION! Express yourself verbally beyond 'wanna fuck?' 'wanna see me shoot my load?'. Yes you have a cock. Good for you. No it isn't all that special!

I want us to do this

So apparently I need to inform you all

That I have relocated to Adelaide.

September 24, 2014


He fucks you like you're the only person he's ever wanted.