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August 28, 2015

My sex map

So I was linked to someone's sex map the other day, I'd seen them before but didn't know you could make your own. I'm sure I forgot things but here is a general idea of what does it for me.

Sexy Jess' Sex Map

Make Your Own Map Here
I'd love to see them! Send me the link!

August 24, 2015

Mr Trickey

I wanted you to love me, and I think I still do.

August 23, 2015

Watching porn

but thinking of your cock


Recently I've have the joy of sleeping with a very interesting and sexy man. Those close to me already know this as I won't shut up about it and keep telling them all the gritty details. Sharing is caring right? We've slept together twice, and I am hoping there are many more times to come. I have had to have a chat with my vagina though and ask her not to get too attached to him in case it all ends and we're left all sad in the pants! Especially considering this man has an incredible penis, just freaking amazing. So incredibly thick. I need to stop thinking about it, I'm writing this post on a train and don't want to leave a wet patch on the seat.

So this man, oh my! He told me the first time we were together that he has cum a couple of times just from having his nipples played with. Pretty sure my clitoris did backflips at hearing of this and I was soon to experience it first hand. I am not normally one to like hurting people and while pinching his nipples I did worry I was going to break the skin or make him cry. However watching him and how much he was enjoying it was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. I'd do this a million times over to please him. When we were together the other day he uttered words which sent fire racing to my lady parts they were along the lines of 'so are you going to hurt me or what'. Honestly I have not been so turned on in such a long time! 

We also partake in a fair amount of rimming which is so sexy. Most men who have sex with me know that if you ask for anything anal related beyond rimming the answer is no. Though there are the few men who turn me on so much that I want give all of myself to them and this man if one of those. To hear him tell me after he's had his fingers in my arse that I had a little gape going on so he could swirl his tongue deep inside me makes me weak at the knees. 

One of my favourite parts of our time together is when he stretches me, I can feel him so slowly with incredible pressure pushing his fingers inside me. Adding fingers, filling me. It is one of the best feelings in the world and I push against him, I want those fingers as deep as possible. I want the day that his entire hand enters me. The thought alone makes me want to moan out loud. They way he plays with my clit as he does this, the pleasure is almost too much to bare. He was telling me that he has almost been fisted. Honestly if we were in a cartoon my eyes would have done that whole pop out of my head thing and love hearts would have floated above my head. Those words, music to my vagina! 

Everything about this man does it for me, the fact that he turned up to see me with a toy in his arse, the way he kisses, how sensual yet strong he is. He is interesting and has me intrigued. I want more of him, both mentally and physically. I want to push my boundaries with him and I want to watch as I push on of my dildos into his tight hole. I want more!


August 17, 2015

I cannot believe

it's coming up to 11 years on Adult Match Maker.... and I wonder why I'm still single lol

August 16, 2015

a fun surprise

A friend put some movies on my hard drive for me last week. I opened a folder and discoveredI had some old pirn on there. So got to watch porn on the tv instead of my phone over the weekend.


It is not often that I will let myself be vulnerable, however from time to time I do let me guard down and try letting people in. I usually do so with the wrong people and end up getting my poor little heart trampled all over. The latest saga kinda being like that. It was a fizzer, it never really got off the ground. That didn't stop my mind and my heart getting carried away in the early stages and planning all kinds of lavish and far fetched things for the future. I guess I am thinking about it now because said dude is tonight on Facebook whinging about being single despite in the 2 months we tried to do whatever NEVER taking me on a date or anything even slightly fucking date related.

It is his birthday this week and next weekend our footy teams play each other. In the early stages I had thought it'd be fun to take a weekend away for his bday and go to the footy and do whatever couples do when they have romantic time together. I'd started planning it and the fucking cunt couldn't even manage to take me for a fucking coffee. Not even that, I was going to pay and he couldn't make time for me. TWICE fucking twice he saw me outside of work in that 2 months. Yep we work together so we get the beautiful awkward aftermath now. Last weekend I went out with another dude after the THIRD time he had disappeared off the face of the earth for a week with no contact. He then proceeded to call me evil and blah blah he was trying to work things out. This is a man who is in his 30's and has 3 kids. It took 8 fucking weeks and me chucking a hissy fit for him to even tell me about the kids. It was doomed from the start, I'm not entirely sure why I put in so much effort. My inner hopeless romantic I guess.

The last time I thought I might fall in love was a while ago and despite his not wanting a gf (and then getting one) I went back 3 times and got my heart smashed. I guess I'm a slow learner. So after my seconded failed attempt at love with a Michael, I think I'll avoid anyone with that name. Doesn't seem to be working out for me. This also led me to Facebook stalk the first Michael and get sad all over again.

Ok fear not the mopey post is now over. I just feel really fucking stupid for getting in so deep and he barely even had his toes wet. Not sure it will even make sense I just needed to vent so I didn't cry.