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November 23, 2015

i am terrible at sleeping with people

I mean that in the literal sense. I just can't do it. I don't sleep well, I'm usually awake a good few hours after the other person and wake up feeling horrible. The spooning, trying not to move to much. It's all too hard. I am a fidgetter, I have trouble being still and always feel bad incase I wake the other person. I want to spend the night with people but I guess I just think too much about it and then decide it's better I don't.

November 22, 2015

sex dreams

About one of your high school teachers. He had 2 dicks and asked me to put one in his arse while I stroked his cock. Extremely hot!

November 21, 2015

When you have the joy

of spending time with the dude you have liked for over a year and his girlfriend. To then have to watch her have a hissy fit that he is 'flirting' with (talking to) other chicks. I just wanted to scream at her that she should be so lucky to have a man like that, that loves her. Stupid bitch!

November 7, 2015

So apparently

My pussy tasted different today than it did on Thursday....

I want to write about him but I am not sure if you're tired of hearing about him (highly unlikely) or it makes him uncomfortable (quite possible). Either way, know this! He blows my mind!

November 5, 2015

Watching him cum

is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.

November 3, 2015

An amazing read


Take special not of this part
"I have a pretty strict vetting process for picking up men and I have never had any problems. I have pictures on my Tinder profile that are quite suggestive. If a man can have a normal conversation with me without getting gross and demanding, I give him the green-light and we keep chatting for a bit until we agree to meet up. I find it’s easy to pick up on the entitlement factor, and that is a major red flag. Just because a woman is showing skin doesn't mean you have the right to expect sex from her."