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March 2, 2014

triggers triggers everywhere

The last man I loved, one of only two. Today I came to a realisation about said man. One that I think I've known for a while but conveniently suppressed. I adored this man, I've blogged about him before. The first man I met from the internet, the man who was engaged to another woman. Him telling me he didn't want more children, he already had 3. He then impregnated the fiance and has since had a baby to his current partner. It took years for him to tell me he loved me. I'll never forget when he finally told me, first on the screen and then in person. I remember him telling me he couldn't love me how I deserved blah blah. Today the lightbulb went off,  I guess in light of the conversation I had yesterday. He loved me purely because I loved him. He did not love me, he loved that I loved him. I've probably written this all before but I've become a master at emotional supression I  can't even remember.

Don't love somone just because they love you.
Don't fuck someone just because they are attracted to you.
Be true to yourself, to what you feel.

You set off my biggest trigger, I dreamt about the connection. I just didn'tknow it'd be this.


March 1, 2014

Here I was

Thinking that we had some kind of chemistry, I believe I described what I felt when near him as electric. Turns out I could have been anyone because all I a woman needs to be attractive to him is open her mouth and speak to spark his interest. It's not often I find myself attracted to someone (yes like most men I will fuck people just because they're available) but him I was inexplicably drawn to. I broke rules I don't normally. All the while thinking he felt something somewhat similar.

Silly me.

Silly, silly me.

February 25, 2014

they are just so magnificent

sex prep!

It is just so! much! fucking! effort!

Do men actually understand the amount of prep a woman goes to to make herself presentable just to get LAID!!!!!! I know I have blogged about this before and I probably will again because men  need to fucking appreciate this shit!

I am writing this as I watch my housemate plucking her eyebrows because she is off to see her boyfriend tomorrow. She has already informed me that she will be in the bathroom for a considerable amount of time in the morning 'shaving all my crevices'. Eyebrows, legs, pubes, make up, hair, clothes, underwear blah blah blah. Which fucking underwear to wear... HAVING SEX IS HARD FUCKING WORK, EVEN BEFORE THE CLOTHES COME OFF!!!

Last week I went away to see my footy team and see the now famous DILF. Now! Was this FINALLY going to be it????? (it wasn't). However this far fetched possibility added so much extra stress to getting ready. Shaving the legs, packing the sexy underwear, shaving the other stuff. Just! In! Case! Make up, what to wear it just doesn't end!!!!

So when you think the woman you love, lust, see out at the pub looks pretty good know that looking like that was a mother fucking marathon!!!!!


February 23, 2014

why is it so hard?

For men to grasp that sex does not need to have someone in the 'power' role. So many times I get asked if I am dominant or submissive. Why do we need to be either?  Why can sexuality not be fluid, malleable, a journey? Why the obsession with boxes to put everyone in? I get the same thing when men see my strap on, their automatic response is that I own it t dominate men, or to fuck women. Why can I not own this purely because I am kinky? Many when I mention that I am not inclined to  dominant, the idea is usually dropped. Is it scary to just enjoy kink? Do you need a label to allow yourself to be sexually liberated? Does your sexuality need justification????