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September 30, 2015

A sneak peak into the world of owning a love cave!

Tonight I was talking to one of my nearest and dearest friends and the subject of sponges came up. Menstrual sponges that is. Not an unusual topic for us as she gifted me like 20 beautiful heart shaped sponges a few weeks ago as I had been using sea sponges and they are expensive and a lot of work.

We got onto the subject because I mentioned something about tongs which are now synonymous with the sponges because a little while back I got one stuck inside me and my first thought was to get it out with a pair of tongs. Yes people it is true, I considered putting them all up in there!!!! So after some giggling, I was questioning if men can feel the sponge when it is in there. My friend thinks not and was telling me about someone we know who used to cut up a kitchen sponge and use that, I think they have a different texture to flesh but who knows how much attention dudes pay to stuff when their dick is hard. The story then unfolded that it fell out once. I laughed, mainly because it has happened also. I was on all fours on someone's coffee table after them fucking me with huge dildos and then his arm extends out and hands me a sponge that has fallen out of my nether regions. It was utterly horrifying. He never said anything about it so maybe things fall out of women's junk all the time...

So now this is the part where I tell you how I eventually got this fucking thing out of me. After trying every position possible to get it out with my fingers, I am talking laying down, on the toilet, standing, one leg in the air, both legs in the air, squatting, pretending I was giving birth trying to push that fucker out. I get really wet so you have a wet pussy and then a sponge that is slippery and covered in silky self lubrication, it's a nightmare! So.... I finally resorted to a spoon. Yup I scooped my cooch! My friend and I are sure our vajayjays have a little off pocket off to the side, coz both of us had our sponge get stuck in the same spot! I am sure that I have pushed the sponges too far up after the first incident, however that seems to have backfire. So just get an image of me on my back, legs spread with a freakin SPOON all up in my business. It took me numerous attempted to get the sponge dislodged and it was a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig relief once it was goooooooone!


September 27, 2015

Scott's Toy Review!

So i had been talking to my great friend Sexy Jess about the lack of sex toys for men when she suggested a male masturbatory aid, which kind of got me thinking. She sent me a link to one that she had found on an online sex shop. After much procrastination I purchased it and eagerly waited for it too arrive.

It eventually arrived after only a few days and couldn't wait to try it out. I have to admit I was very unsure if it would get me off like I hoped it would. 

The product came with some lube which made the sensations even more enhanced. My mastubator gave off the appearance of a mouth so I turned on some porn added some lube to my cock and started wanking/sucking and fuck me it was intense. There is a suction hole at the base that when covered adds more suction. If I hadn't needed to edge myself for a bit I would have cum with in a minute which is so unlike me.  Upon closer inspection of the silicon sleeve it is full of ridges and nodules that gives you the sensations where ever you best need it.

Cleaning the product is very easy as it comes out of it's hard case and the silicone sleeve can be easily removed and turned inside out for a more hygenic clean.

If you have ever considered buying one but thought it would be a waste of money it is a cheap but fantastic investment to make I wish I had never waited so long to try one.

If you'd like to check it out and perhaps purchase one of these bad boys click here Thorn Shop

If any of you out therehave a toy you think everyone should know about flick me ab email and tell me all about it!

September 25, 2015

Ask Away

Please head over and ask me some questions you'd like answered.

Please note if you're going to be rude and/or disrespectful don't waste your time.

September 19, 2015

But you don't even know me

Last week I was away for work and was chatting to a worker from another service. The normal mind numbing chit chat that I hate with a passion. Why do people you don't know want to know the ins and outs of your personal life? So I was asked if I had a partner or kids. I said no & no. To only have the person reply that I shouldn't be too fussy I might let the right one slip away. WHAT?!?!?! This person has ZERO fucking idea about my life and how dare someone tell me not to be fussy. Be fucked if I am ever going to settle for less than I'm worth which is someone who blows my fucking mind! Should I have kept pursuing mr disappears for weeks on end because he was available and had a pulse? Bitch please! Unless you make me feel like a mother fucking princess move along please!